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Section 15.1 The Elements of Music

Creating contrast usually involves varying one or more of the “Elements of Music,” which are listed and explained below.
Table 15.1.1. The “Elements of Music”
We all know what melody is, but don’t confuse melody with ostinato! Melody lives and breathes and has variety.
In this section, we will associate harmony with key and mode (major versus minor).
What the most common rhythmic value is in a section.
The different tone colors of different instruments, and the different tone colors an individual instrument can produce.
Described in the previous chapter as existing in the vertical plane (the number of voices) and the horizontal plane (rhythmic activity of the various voices).
Staccato versus legato, or short, clipped notes versus long, sustained or connected notes.
Loud versus soft.
High versus middle versus low.
In the next two sections we will look at how two different pieces exhibit contrast between various sections using the elements of music.