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Section 8.2 The IV/5 “sus” chord

An additional four-note chord that sounds like and functions similar to a \(\left.\text{V}^{7}\right.\) chord is the \(\left.\text{IV}\right.\)/\(\hat{5}\) (or \(\left.\text{F}\middle/\text{G}\right.\) in \(\text{C}\) major) chord. In popular music this chord often is substituted for the \(\left.\text{V}^{7}\right.\) chord

F triad with G in bass, also known as F/G

Here is a musical example with the \(\left.\text{IV}\right.\)/\(\hat{5}\) chord in \(\text{A}^♭\) major.

Figure 8.2.1. Stan Vincent, “O-o-h Child”

Another example of this chord is found in the opening to the Beatles' “The Long and Winding Road”. In the key E♭ major, the chord is A♭/B♭.

Figure 8.2.2. Beatles, “The Long and Winding Road”