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Exercises 32.5 Practice Exercises

Exercise Group.

Day One


Use of modes. Given the melody and chord symbols for “London Bridge” in Phrygian mode, analyze the chords as lead-sheet symbols (“LSS”) and as Roman numerals (“RN”).


Use of parallelism. Harmonize the opening of “London Bridge” so each note of the melody note is the 9th of a dominant ninth chord.

Exercise Group.

Day Two


Quartal, Quintal, and Secundal Harmony. After analyzing the given chord as a lead-sheet symbol, revoice it in four ways:
  1. as a six-note tertian chord stacked only in thirds
  2. as a six-note quartal chord stacked only in perfect 4ths
  3. as a six-note quintal chord stacked only in perfect 5ths
  4. as a six-note secundal chord stacked only in 2nds


Polychords. Harmonize “London Bridge” using the specified polychords. Remember that the chords can be in any inversion, but should should be playable (i.e., without too big of a stretch for the hands of the pianist).