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Section 17.1 Examples with Secondary Dominants

Secondary dominants are common in classical and popular music. Here are examples with the chromatic chords noted. We will examine these chords more closely later in the chapter.
Figure 17.1.1. Paul McCartney, “Yesterday” (1965)
Figure 17.1.2. Jesse Harris, “Don’t Know Why” (2002)
Figure 17.1.3. Rick Nielson, “I Want You to Want Me” (1977)
Figure 17.1.4. Robert William Lamm, “Saturday in the Park” (1972)
Figure 17.1.5. Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green, Philip Lawrence, and Ari Levine, “Forget You” (2010)
Figure 17.1.6. Verdi, Rigoletto, “La donna è mobile” (1851)
Figure 17.1.7. Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker, “Miniature Overture” (1892)