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Section 12.3 ABAC Form

Many popular songs from the 1930s–1950s were in the 32–bar ABAC form. Well–known examples include “White Christmas,” “Someday My Prince Will Come,” and “When I Fall In Love.”

“Star Dust” is an example of an ABAC form that is usually performed with a verse preceding the refrain.

0:00–0:13 Introduction, 4 bars
0:13–1:13 Verse, 16 bars (8 bars + 8 bars)
1:13–1:41 A section, 8 bars
1:41–2:07 B section, 8 bars
2:07–2:32 A section, 8 bars
2:32–2:57 C section, 8 bars
2:57–3:12 Coda, 4 bars
Table 12.3.1 Carmichael, “Star Dust”

The ABAC form may also occur as ABAB’ where the B’ section begins the same as the B section but ends differently.