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Exercises 4.7 Practice Exercises


After listening to each example, specify the meter (e.g., “compound triple”).
(a) Lin-Manuel Miranda, “First Burn”
(b) Al Green, Willie Mitchell, Al Jackson Jr., “Let’s Stay Together”
(c) Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, "Minuano (Six Eight)"
(d) Traditional Scottish Gaelic tune, text by Eleanor Farjeon, “Morning Has Broken”
(e) Guy Lawrence, Howard Lawrence, James Napier, and Sam Smith, “Disclosure”
  1. Compound Duple (or Compound Quadruple)
  2. Simple Quadruple (or Simple Duple)
  3. Simple Triple
  4. Compound Triple
  5. Compound Duple (or Compound Quadruple


For each example, specify the implied time signature and the meter (e.g., “simple duple”).
a. Time Signature: Meter:
b. Time Signature: Meter:
c. Time Signature: Meter:
d. Time Signature: Meter:
a. Time Signature: \(\begin{smallmatrix}12\\16\end{smallmatrix}\); Meter: Compound Quadruple
b. Time Signature: \(\begin{smallmatrix}3\\2\end{smallmatrix}\); Meter: Simple Triple
c. Time Signature: \(\begin{smallmatrix}3\\8\end{smallmatrix}\); Meter: Simple Triple
d. Time Signature: \(\begin{smallmatrix}4\\2\end{smallmatrix}\); Meter: Simple Quadruple


Use one note value (with one or two dots as necessary) to show the sum of all the rhythmic values given.
1. Dotted quarter note
2. Eighth note
3. Dotted eighth note
4. Half note


Specify the meter of each time signature.
  1. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}4\\2\end{smallmatrix}\) is:
  2. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}9\\16\end{smallmatrix}\) is:
  3. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}3\\4\end{smallmatrix}\) is:
  1. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}4\\2\end{smallmatrix}\) is simple quadruple
  2. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}9\\16\end{smallmatrix}\) is compound triple
  3. The meter of \(\begin{smallmatrix}3\\4\end{smallmatrix}\) is simple triple


Correct the incorrect rhythmic notation in each example in order to show the beats. The subdivisions grouped into beats are shown in parentheses above the rhythms to be corrected.
PDF versions of the textbook, homework exercises, and practice exercises can be found at 2